Increasing demand of Popunders in 2015

Some people have recently speculated about the popularity and demand of popunder in 2015. Many of them have argued that the demand would go down but the reality is that popunder ads are here to stay. They are still considered to be one of the most effective ways of advertising and are preferred by most of the websites. In fact, the recent reports suggest that the publishers and advertisers still prefer the pounder ads and are buying popunder traffic for promoting their online business. The demand has in fact increased in 2015 and continues to make popunder a popular choice in ad campaign.

The reason behind the popularity is that popunder ads are attractive. They are display ads where the advertiser has the freedom to choose videos, images and animation to make it more appealing. They open in a separate window and are noticed by the internet users when they visit the publisher’s website or network. The viewers have a good probability of clicking on the ad. These ads have a good click through rate which brings in more traffic and makes the campaign more cost effective. This is why it is still the preferred means of online advertising and the demand continues to grow in 2015 as well.