Contextual Targeting (Channel Targeting and Keyword Targeting)

Matches your listings with the specific content users are viewing on a website; Targets users based on specific keywords or channels, Customize your ad placements by selecting specific keywords or channels, e.g. Display event planning ads when the word “wedding” is queried.

Behavioral Targeting

Re-targets your visitors even if they leave your website without buying, Place ads based on a viewer’s past behavior on a given website.

List of Categories to Target

We provide you with 19 main categories and over 200 sub-categories to choose from, also we provide you with additional Keyword Targeting without any additional charges, where you can add unlimited number of Keywords.



  • Exhaustive combination of categories and unlimited keywords for exposure.
  • Click fraud validation system: Our system will analyze every click and every impression to determine whether they are human or computer generated. Invalid traffic will be automatically filtered and reported. In addition, our traffic control team will monitor the accuracy of the validation system. Any suspicious traffic will be removed and credited back to your account.
  • User-friendly interface: Manage your ad inventory through our easy-to-use interface. Our complete solution is reliable, scalable, secure, and fast.
  • Open marketing bidding system: Prioritize your highest value ads by specifying minimum bid amounts using our dynamic auction bidding system.
  • Wide range of optimization tools: Exploit our powerful real-time reporting tools and take advantage of your maximum potential by optimizing the performance of every site your ads run on.
  • Flexible, 24/7 access: Manage your campaigns with full privileges.
  • Account Manager: we provide you with dedicated account manager to support 24/7 operations.